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Exterior Painting



Exterior Painting

At Done Right Custom Painting  we believe preparation is the most important aspect to achieving a superior paint job.  That's why we use the same 8 important steps on every house to guarantee a beautiful paint job that will look great and last a long time!

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Done Right Custom Painting have specific guidelines when painting the exterior of

your home ensuring that it is done correctly, and efficiently. We will

complete the following steps:


1. POWER WASHING: Prior to beginning our prep work, we will completely power wash your home. This allows us to remove any environmental residue, dirt, or mildew providing a clean surface for your new exterior paint. This Step may add years to your paint job.



We will thoroughly scrape all loose, peeling paint. We then sand and prime
those scraped areas. Primer is always applied to any bare wood or metal.
If we see any old, dried up caulk, we will immediately replace it with new
caulk. Areas around windows and doors are paid special attention in order
to make sure any and all potentially damaging moisture is blocked from entering

your home.

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